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Setup your account as a Seller

Take all of the necessary steps to success before you offer services.

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  • Connect with Stripe®

    It's how we pay you. Stripe® deposits your payments directly into your bank.

  • Upload Your Photo

    Make it a good one. It'll show up everywhere on the site.

  • Add Your Location

    Users may be looking for someone in your area.


Configure your Services

Customize your services before you list them on the site - figure out what you want to offer, how much you want to work and how much you want to earn.

  • Choose Your Services

    Toggle on the services you want to offer.

  • Choose Your Rates

    Add your rates for each service. It's used to calculate the price of projects on your form.

  • Choose Your Paces

    Add how much work you can do for each service. It's used to calculate estimated time to start and estimated time to draft.

  • Offer Services Now

    This is the big one. Toggle this on and your profile, A/B samples and articles will show up on the site.


Promote yourself

Once your profile is out there, make sure it'll be visited.

  • Add Your Bio

    Tell people about yourself and what you've done.

  • Add Samples

    Let people hear how you've made a difference for others. They may hire you for it.

  • Add Articles

    Share your thoughts and concepts with the community. Users review articles when choosing a seller.

  • Invite Clients

    On your profile, click "Invite Clients" and fill out the form. The site sends them an email invitation and let's you know when they joined.